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Are your emails mobile friendly? Win more business.

12/07/2015 by Sarah Powers, Marketing

News Full Image Have you ever wondered how you entice people to click and scroll on an email? I confess I have, mainly because I'm a marketing geek, but ultimately, clicks could mean more business.
According to email provider Campaign Monitor, a staggering fifty-three percent of emails are opened on a mobile, wow that's high.

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As this was of interest to me, I thought you might find in interesting too. I started digging around to get to the root of exactly what makes a successful mobile friendly email campaign.

1. Keep your words to a minimum
With mobiles only showing half of the subject line, it's best to keep them to 30 characters or it will be chopped off. If you have a lot of mobile users (can be analysed on Google Analytics) then this might be important for your clients.

2. Give your email a title, let people know what it's about at the top of the page.
It will pop up in the preview pane on mobile devices, it might encourage them to open it. You also need to keep content short and snappy, using bullets rather than long paragraphs. Mobile and tablet users love to scroll so don't worry if it seems long.

3. Mobiles don't like pictures in emails.
Apparently many mobiles still struggle to load images within emails, so it's best to leave them out or make sure your email looks okay if they don't show up.

4. Make your call to action obvious.
Placing a click here to call, visit or find out more early on you're more likely to get a click. Make it a nice easy bright button, people love to click, try using a 44 x 44 pixel image or larger. It's also still true that white space sells, leave room around important click to buy buttons.

5. Test your email out.
It's a great idea to test emails for different campaign styles and also mobile users, simply send it to a few people who have mobiles and see if they open and click.
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